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How to recover/restore deleted videos from GoPro HD Hero 3/2

For outdoor sports funs, GoPro Hero is the most popular camera for shooing high-definition videos when play surfing, jet-skiing, water skiing, motorsports, etc. Because the features of wearable, waterproof, shockproof. However, when accidental deletion, corruption or formatting happens, it is annoying and painful. Is there any way to undelete lost photos, videos from GoPro HD Hero camera?
Of course, you can. But you need a professional recovery software. Here I will recommend a useful tool Photo Recovery or Photo Recovery for Mac. Both of them enable you to recover/retrieve deleted, lost, corrupted videos, …

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How to recover deleted photos, videos from Samsung Galaxy Note or Note 2

The Galaxy Note or Note 2 often be called “phablet”, because it is a smartphone but with a large screen up to 5.3-inch (Galaxy Note 2 with 5.5 inch screen). You can view high definition pictures or videos with the large screen device. However, some users will mistakenly deleted photos or videos from their Galaxy Note’s internal memory or memory card. Can we recover these lost files from Galaxy Note (Note 2)?
Of course, we can. That’s because when you delete the photos from Samsung Galaxy Note, only the space that …

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How to restore/recover deleted photos, videos from HTC One X

“I have a HTC One X, my friend accidentally deleted all the photos from it. Is there any way to recover those files? Are there any apps that do this?”
Maybe you also come across above trouble. Don’t worry, read the below guide to learn how to get back deleted photos from HTC One X.
In fact, when files are deleted from HTC One X, only the space that the file occupies is marked as blank for reusing by new files, but the deleted file will be still there until new data …

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How to recover deleted photos, videos from Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3/S4

Posted by Andy Gardner to Deleted Video Recovery
Samsung Galaxy S series are the most popular Android smartphone which was announced by Samsung. With the Galaxy S, you can shoot HD videos and photos anywhere and anytime. However, photos, video, or music on Samsung Galaxy S phones could be lost by deleting, formatting, virus attacks and many more issues. Once this happens, don’t worry. You can restore deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S with following steps.
In fact, when files deleted from your Galaxy S, the operating system only mark them as …

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Can I recover deleted videos from Canon Vixia?

Accidentally, you maybe deleted some precius video files on your Canon Vixia camcorders like HF R20, HF 200, HF S10, etc. Still panic and wonder if there is any way to recover those deleted, formatted and lost files? Stop using your camcorder and choose a Recovery software.
Canon Vixia Recovery software will use advanced algorithms to scan your storage media and find the deleted files like videos, photos, etc.
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