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[28 Feb 2018 |
Windows phone 8 recovery, recover deleted videos, photos from Windows Phone 8

When accidentally deleted photos from your Window Phone 8, Nokia Lumia memory card is crashed or suddenly lost all recording videos  it is possible to get deleted videos  photos, music back from Windows Phone 8. Because when you deleted files, they become invisible, but only the place they occupied is marked as reusable for new files. So stop using your Windows Phone 8 and choose a professional recovery software for undeleting.
How to recover/undeleted videos, photos from Windows Phone 8 for Windows or Mac
First, stop using your Windows Phone 8, then download install and run …

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An easy solution to recover deleted photos, videos from Nokia Lumia 1020

The newest Nokia Lumia 1020 is the flagship of Windows 8 phone. The highlight of Lumia 1020 is camera. Using it, we can shoot high quality pictures with 7136 × 5360 pixels like a pro camera. However, if we lost these photos from Nokia Lumia 1020 by accidentally deleted, memory card error, failed to copy, etc. Don’t worry, here we will provide a simple method to undelete/retrieve deleted photos from Nokia Lumia 1020.
When delete command is sent, the operating system just delete the reference pointer to the file and leaves the actual …