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Can I recover deleted videos from Canon Vixia?

Accidentally, you maybe deleted some precius video files on your Canon Vixia camcorders like HF R20, HF 200, HF S10, etc. Still panic and wonder if there is any way to recover those deleted, formatted and lost files? Stop using your camcorder and choose a Recovery software.
Canon Vixia Recovery software will use advanced algorithms to scan your storage media and find the deleted files like videos, photos, etc.

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How to recover deleted photos from HTC EVO 3D/4G

Popular Questions:
1. Is it possible to retrieve deleted photos from an EVO?
Is it possible to retrieve deleted photos from an EVO? If so, how can I accomplish this? I have really important photos I need to get back.
2. How to restore deleted photos on htc evo 4G?
I accidentally deleted photos from htc evo 4g can i get them back.

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How to recover deleted photos from Nikon D7000 camera

Q: Anyway to recover deleted pics
Hey folks, just deleted (by mistake) 6 images from the camera (D7000) I use at the office. How do I recover them? Is there a safe easy download I can use?
Do I leave the memory card in the camera while downloading? Please help if you can. Many thanks!

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Can recover deleted videos from Sony Handycam hard drive

Posted by Andy Gardner to Deleted Video Recovery
Problem with Sony Handycam Camcorders
1. Can I recover video that was deleted from my Sony Handycam hard drive?
I have a DCR-SR40 which is a 30GB hard drive. I accidentally deleted something I needed off of it.
I figured it was like a computer hard drive that doesn’t really get rid of the info until it is written over. Thanks in advance.