Device Recovery can recover deleted, lost photos, videos or audios from all your devices like mobile phone, camcorder, camera, etc.

The software is designed to recover files from SD Card, hard drives, CD, DVD, USB drives, digital camera, camcorder, smart phone, etc.

Easy to use, recover deleted photos, videos and audio files in a few click.

Recovers photos from digital camera, external hard drives, CD, DVD, USB Drives, and memory cards.

Raw recovery from all the major digital cameras.

capabilities to recover the lost, formatted, deleted, damaged data from partition or hard drive.

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Device Photo Recovery


Device Recovery can recover deleted photos, videos from devices like mobile phone, camcorder, camera, etc.
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Device Photo Recovery Mac


Device Recovery for Mac provides a tool for recovering or restoring deleted files on Mac, Mac Lion.
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Device Recovery Guides

How to recover deleted or lost photos, videos files from devices like mobile phone, camcorder, camera, etc on all windows and Mac systems.

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Mobile Phone, Windows Phone

Windows phone 8 recovery, recover deleted videos, photos from Windows Phone 8

When accidentally deleted photos from your Window Phone 8, Nokia Lumia memory card is crashed or suddenly lost all recording videos  it is possible to get deleted videos  photos, music back from Windows Phone 8. Because when you deleted files, they become invisible, but only the place they occupied is marked as reusable for new files. So stop using your Windows Phone 8 and choose a professional recovery software for undeleting.
How to recover/undeleted videos, photos from Windows Phone 8 for Windows or Mac
First, stop using your Windows Phone 8, then download install and run …

Camcorder, GoPro

How to recover/restore deleted videos from GoPro HD Hero 3/2

For outdoor sports funs, GoPro Hero is the most popular camera for shooing high-definition videos when play surfing, jet-skiing, water skiing, motorsports, etc. Because the features of wearable, waterproof, shockproof. However, when accidental deletion, corruption or formatting happens, it is annoying and painful. Is there any way to undelete lost photos, videos from GoPro HD Hero camera?
Of course, you can. But you need a professional recovery software. Here I will recommend a useful tool Photo Recovery or Photo Recovery for Mac. Both of them enable you to recover/retrieve deleted, lost, corrupted videos, …

HTC, Mobile Phone

Recover, restore deleted HTC Thunderbolt photos or videos

“I purposely deleted pictures on my Thunderbolt only to find out that some important photos had not downloaded to our computer for backup. Is there a photo recovery program can help me?”
Of course we can. Thanks to the photos and videos shooting by HTC Thunderbolt are stored on a flash memory card. When you hit the delete button, only the storage where the deleted files used to occupied is available for new data. So if we stop using this phone after deletion, we have big chance to get back the deleted photos …

Mobile Phone, Nokia, Windows Phone

An easy solution to recover deleted photos, videos from Nokia Lumia 1020

The newest Nokia Lumia 1020 is the flagship of Windows 8 phone. The highlight of Lumia 1020 is camera. Using it, we can shoot high quality pictures with 7136 × 5360 pixels like a pro camera. However, if we lost these photos from Nokia Lumia 1020 by accidentally deleted, memory card error, failed to copy, etc. Don’t worry, here we will provide a simple method to undelete/retrieve deleted photos from Nokia Lumia 1020.
When delete command is sent, the operating system just delete the reference pointer to the file and leaves the actual …

Camera, Canon

How to retrieve deleted photos videos on Canon PowerShot?

Can I recover deleted photos or videos from Canon PowerShot?
“For clear some pictures from my Powershot SX260 camera, i used the delete option where it deletes pictures with people in it. I didn’t realize, however, that i deleted some pictures that I really needed! Is there any way that I can retrieve this photo after I’ve deleted it?”
The answer is YES. First, stop using your camera for shooting. Because, when you delete photos from Powershot, these data are not really erase them forever, but only mark deleted file space as invisible for …